BookLinker will soon be here!

BookLinker concerns what it’s name implies: Books and Links.

Books open doors to ideas, thoughts, people, places, events, philosophies and the worlds of both reality and imagination. This site looks at and offers mini-reviews of a variety of books, and then provides interesting and through-provoking Internet links that permit you to extend and expand your reading experience (well, that’s the general idea anyway…) beyond the confines of the page.

Unfortunately you are at the mercy of my reading taste and selections. I read a wide mixture of fiction and non-fiction, history, science, the classics, and, in a pinch, the back of most cereal boxes…I generally don’t read what is often defined as “literary works”, or anything on Oprah’s booklist.

On occasion, I read something weird.

The books reviewed will be both current and past, selections from my personal library, the local mega-bookstore and possibly whatever I can filch from my infrequent visits to the doctor’s office. I am open to suggestions. Please send me comments, recommendations, suggested links etc to I thrive on feedback!

Also of note, all books listed on this site can be linked to and purchased via Amazon and, yes, I am an Amazon-affiliate, so, if you find my recommendations, suggestions, comments and links helpful, interesting or, (at least, not-boring), when you click on through and buy that book, I would appreciate it if you could do so from my site (thus helping to provide for my early retirement).

Thank you and have a happy, happy read!.

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